Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 1: Your Favorite Nail Polish

Hello, Everyone!  Today I start the 30 Day Nail Polish Challenge!  Today's challenge is "your favorite nail polish".
Let me tell you, this one was HARD to pick.  I eventually came between two colors.  Lippmann Across the Universe and Nfu Oh 51.  I COULD NOT PICK.  Well, I mean, I did, but it was very hard.  And the winner for today's challenge is...

DAY 1: Your Favorite Nail Polish is... Nfu Oh 51

Just as a warning, it was impossible NOT to take a million pictures of this polish. 

 The picture below is awkward, but it is the only one that shows the green duochrome!
 Look at it up close!  Look at the flakies! They change color in different light!

 Look at the green, pink, purple, and blue!
 Can we all agree that this is awesome in liquid polish form?

I used three thin coats, waiting for each coat to completely dry before adding another coat.  I used Out The Door top coat instead of Seche Vite because I didn't want to risk shrinkage.  Shrinkage and a jelly based polish do not agree. :D

This color is normally layered over another (I like using navy blues), but I wanted to show Nfu Oh 51 in its raw glory.

Now, I ask you:

What is your favorite color?



  1. I can't choose just one favorite. I just can't. :)

  2. I agree with KarenD... I'm sitting here for the past 10min, trying to narrow it down to one favorite, and I just can't... that is impossible :) I can possibly narrow it down to 20 favorites or so :)

  3. @KarenD: I couldn't either. I really couldn't. But for the sake of the post, I had to.

    @Lucy: I sat for over 10 minutes too. Haha. I just stared at all the colors and my mind just thought "....How do I pick ONE?"

  4. My favorite polish is deff OPI Absolutely Alice!! this is such a pretty polish!


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