Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is This True...?

I read an article yesterday on Yahoo! and it talked about certain items (ie. mascara, perfume, nail polish) and how long you can keep them before you should throw them out.  And then it talked about how you can extend the lifespan of each item.  And when I saw the part about nail polish, I was intrigued.  So I took a screen shot, which is the picture above.

Now my first question is:  Are you really told to toss it after 8 months?  I think good nail polish will last QUITE a bit longer than that.  And even if my polish is a globby mess, no one will be able to pry it out of my hands.  No one.

Second question:  I wonder if the fridge idea actually works.  Not that I'm going to buy a mini fridge (okay, let's face it, I would need a regular sized fridge for all my polish) to store my nail polish.  That would seem silly... or would it?

Well, if any of you have a thought about this, please share!  Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. They have to put a "lifespan" on cosmetics. Nail polish technically never goes bad. Sunlight and heat will ruin your polish though.
    I think as long as your polish is a cool place away from direct sunlight, you will be okay.

  2. @Rachel Marie: You're right. I've heard nail polish referred to as the "twinkie of the makeup world", meaning it never goes bad. And I store my polish away from the sun. So all is good. :D

  3. store it out of the sun, and if it thickens it can always be revived with thinner. The part about the fridge I've heard many times. In the summer, when I get polish delivered and its too warm from being in the mail truck/box for so long, and too thick to apply, I put it in the fridge and it helps =)

  4. yep it is true, but I don't have a second fridge for all my polishes :))))))

  5. I've heard this before, but never took any action :P I have nail polish that is yearsss old and it's fine!

  6. When I first read this post, I thought you wrote "mani fridge" instead of "mini fridge." It seemed appropriate at the time!

  7. Everyone, thank you so much for all the feed back!

    @Courtney Graham Hipp: Haha! A "mani fridge" works too! :D


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