Sunday, July 17, 2011

China Glaze: Ahoy!

Hello, Everyone!  Today's color is China Glaze Ahoy! from the Anchor's Away Collection Spring 2011.  Which is one of my favorite collections of all time, and possible my favorite China Glaze collection.  After the discontinued Kaleidoscope and OMG collections, of course.

I'm getting off topic.  Ahoy! is a pink/berry jelly with the shimmer/glass fleck that China Glaze does so well.

  • Coats: I was surprised. ONE COAT.  The coat was on the thick side, but still, ONE COAT.  But if you wanted to, the "best" coverage would be 2 thin coats.
  • Finish:  Pink jelly with glass fleck.
  • Where:  ULTA, NOT Sally's, e-tailers
  • Wear:  4 days, no chips yet.
  • Cost:  Varies.  $3.00-6.50
  • Staining:  No stains!  
  • Application:  Perfect.  Smooth. :D
  • Dry time:  I think relatively fast.
  • Removal: Easy to remove!

The pictures are color accurate and taken next to a window with sunlight.

And the color looked great under OPI Silver Shatter!  A great combination of colors!  Sorry for the bad picture... D:

I love this color.  The entire Anchors Away Collection is just full of win.  I plan to go through my nail polish list and review all the colors that have yet to be reviewed, starting from the top.  And the first color was Ahoy! so yeah. :D 

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Anyone else see the last Harry Potter movie?  I saw it today.


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