Tuesday, July 19, 2011

China Glaze: Below Deck

Hello, Everyone!  I have even more from China Glaze's Anchors Away collection.  Today's color is the famous Below Deck.  I'm sure everyone has suffered/enjoyed all the hype of this color.  Not too long ago, every blog had a post on this color.  Call me fashionably late. :D

Below Deck is a purple/taupe/brown muted creme.  Complicated.  But that's just how it is.  It's one of those colors that make it difficult to organize with the rest of my polish.

  • Coats: One beautiful, creamy coat.  I think all the colors in the collection could be a one coater.  But I'm only vouching for 4 of the 12.
  • Finish:  Purple/taupe creme.
  • Where:  ULTA, NOT Sally's, e-tailers
  • Wear:  4 days, no chips yet.
  • Cost:  Varies.  $3.00-6.50
  • Staining:  No stains!  
  • Application:  Perfect.  Smooth. :D
  • Dry time:  I think relatively fast.
  • Removal: Easy to remove!  I don't think you'll ever hear me saying something bad about anything that has to do with the Anchors Away collection.
The pictures are color accurate.  The color dries darker on the nail than the bottle color.  And the pictures below were taken with sunlight.  

And the color is more brown under a desk lamp.

Below Deck is in the same vein as OPI You Don't Know Jacques!.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the color.  I mean, you've already heard everyone rave over it.  So I guess if you haven't gotten it yet... get it! :D  Get it online for cheap!

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I hope everyone has a spectacular day.  
Oh! Oh!  I hit 80 followers!  :D



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