Saturday, July 9, 2011

China Glaze: Life Preserver

Hello, Everyone!  Today's color is China Glaze's Life Preserver from the Anchors Away collection for Spring 2011!  I've had my eye on this color for a while, and finally it's mine.  Not to be possessive or anything.  It's just that the entire Anchors Away collection has been a major lemming for me.  And now I have half of it. :D

Life Preserver is pure amazingness.  And you'll see why.

  • Coats: ONE COAT.  One coat gives you perfection.  I mean honestly, what else can you ask for?!
  • Finish:  Orange Creme!
  • Where:  ULTA, NOT Sally's, e-tailers
  • Wear:  4 days, no chips yet.  Are you seeing the amazingness yet?
  • Cost:  Varies.  $3.00-6.50
  • Staining: No stains.  This color has no problems at all.    
  • Application:  Prefect. Prefect. Perfect.
  • Dry time:  Normal.
  • Removal: Supremely easy to remove!

I would say the color is more muted and not quite as bright as the pictures.  More like the picture above holding the bottle.

Well.  That's it. :D  My nails are getting long... maybe I should trim them a bit.  

I highly recommend Life Preserver.  Please just get it.  You'll love it.  I think it's actually a great summer color. It's bright and fun.  When I first applied it, I thought of Revlon Mad About Mango.  I would say MAM is brighter than LP.  Plus, MAM takes 3 coats. 

Other Color From This Collection
It's been awfully rainy lately.  Hopefully the sun will come soon.


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  1. i have literally been trying to get my hands on this since the very first swatch i saw of it. i can't find it ANYWHERE. it makes me drooool. love it!


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