Friday, August 12, 2011

Clarins 230 and Cold Turkey.

Hello, Everyone!  You've probably read the title and were intrigued.

Well, first of all, I finally got up the nerve to try my Clarins 230 that I had purchased a while ago.  I always felt this intimidation from using a nail polish I payed so much for.  I was flat out afraid to use it.  But then one day, Monday more specifically, after seeing swatches of Clarins 230 on other blogs, I thought, why in the world am I not using mine?!  So then I just did it.  I put Clarins over Zoya Mira becuase I heard it looks best over purple.  When I put Clarins 230 on, it was a moment in history.  I even got my sister to video record me putting it on.  I just had to.
But I know you all don't care about this.  You just want to see the pictures!  Which, I'm sorry to tease, will not be in this post.  But they will be up shortly.  Promise.  But here's one picture so you can either hate me for not putting up more or get excited to see the rest.

And I've decided to go cold turkey for two (2), yes two months.  Meaning, I will not buy nail polish for 2 months.  I've been spending too much money on nail polish lately, so it's time I take a break.  I'm on a nail polish diet.  This started on August 10.  So it expires October 10.  I can do this.
I made my facebook status vowing not to buy merchandise regarding nail polish for 2 months.  And the comments I got were less than supportive.  A friend of mine said she is "calling my bluff now", while someone else said "it's like a smoker trying to quite cold turkey".  You guys believe in me, right?



  1. Aww....good luck with your no-buy! I vowed to buy nothing for all of August, and then darn Zoya and their promo struck! You can do it though! :)


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