Friday, August 26, 2011

Absence, Computers, and More

Hello, Everyone!  So, I've been gone for 9 days.  And with my return, I now have 88 followers!  OhMyGosh.  That's a lot of people.  Thanks, guys!

I've been gone becuase I still don't have my own computer.  It's still in the repair shop.  All the way in California at Apple's HQ.  That's really far.  I have a temporary laptop, which used to be my dad's dad's compter.  So it's really old.  And slow.  And I kind of hate using it. 
Also, I've started college, and I have sooooo mcuh work.  So much reading.  It's intimidating.  I just have to stay on track and stay focused.  I'll blog when I have time, especially on breaks.

And as I type this, I'm painting my nails China Glaze For Audrey.  It's such a pretty color.

I'm sure you're all waiting for the photos of Clarins 230 that I promised.  And when I get my computer up, they will be going up immediately.  PROMISE.

I truly hope everyone reading this is happy and at home or going home soon.  I'm already homesick.


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