Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue Glitter Polishes + Black Shatter

Hello!  LONG time no post.  What can I say? Life gets in the way.  But in my absence I have not stopped painting my nails.  Obviously.  Today I have another Black Shatter experiment.  I used four different blue glitter polishes and added Black Shatter.  Behold. (Feel free to click the photos to see better detail)

                                     1.  O.P.I "Last Friday Night"
                                     2.  Sally Hansen HD High Definition "Byte"
                                     3.  Zoya "Crystal"
                                     4.  China Glaze "Dorothy Who?"

(3 coats, no top coat)
(Black Shatter with top coat)

The pictures below go in order of 3 coats of color, "Black Shatter" with no top coat, "Black Shatter" with top coat.

1.  O.P.I "Last Friday Night"
2.  Sally Hansen High Definition "Byte"
3.  Zoya "Crystal"
4.  China Glaze "Dorothy Who?"
My personal favorite with the 'Black Shatter" on top is "Last Friday Night" and "Byte".  My least favorite is "Dorothy Who?".  I just can't seem to do anything with "Dorothy Who?" and like it. 

That's all for today.  And I am officially on Spring Break. :D


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  1. I think I love Black Shatter over LFN as well! Enjoy your Spring break ;)


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