Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zoya: Harlow

Hello, Everyone!  Today I am following the trend of "Pink Wednesdays" (from Mean Girls).  Today I am showing Zoya's Harlow from the Matte Velvet Winter Collection.
Today is a special post because it's my 100th post!  And I wanted to do a review on a color I really love, hence Harlow.

Harlow is a pink rose-colored matte with shimmer.  The color is a great dusty pink, so for those who aren't pink fans, "Harlow" is amazing an unique, and I don't know anyone who could flat out say they don't like this color.
 I used two coats of color to have a nice even finish.  And because it's matte, it dries fast, so you have to apply the color quickly, otherwise the color will drag.
Zoya says not to wear a base coat with mattes.  But I don't like to follow that rule.  I wear a base coat always, no matter the finish.  I'm not one to take chances and let my nails get stained.
The color has easy removal and wears pretty well.  No chips for two days.  I just had tip wear.
All the pictures are color accurate, but the color is much more beautiful in real life.  Trust me.  I highly recommend it.

I took the photos after wearing it for 2 days.  Just so you all know. :)  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.  It's been awfully raining where I am.


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  1. So pretty!! Congratulations on your 100th post Lindsay :)


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