Monday, June 13, 2011

OPI: Sparrow Me the Drama

Hello, Everyone!  I'm on a blogging roll!  I've been consistently posting!  And today is OPI's Sparrow Me the Drama form the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

I bought the mini collection which includes Sparrow Me the DramaPlanks a LotSkull and Glossbones, and Stranger Tides.  Each bottle has 3.75 mL compared to a normal sized OPI bottle of 15 mL.  The colors of the mini set that I like, I plan on getting the bigger bottles.  On to the review.

  • Coats:  2 coats for opaqueness; I needed a 3rd coat on some nails for bald spots, but I think that only happened because I had to use the mini brush from the mini bottle.  If I had a normal sized bottle, I bet I could of just used 2 coats.
  • Finish:  Buttery creme. :D
  • Where:  ULTA, Trade Secret
  • Wear:  I wore it for 3 days and it didn't look like it was going to chip any time soon.
  • Cost:  $8.50 (the standard amount)
  • Staining: No stains!
  • Application:  Easy, breezy.  Very smoooooth.
  • Dry time:  Normal
  • Removal:  Easy!
The photos are color accurate.  SMTD is a dusty light pink that looks more murky (murkier?) in the shade.  The entire Pirates collection has a murky look, which I LOVE.  It makes me REALLY like this pink.  And I'm one of the many bloggers who don't like pink polish.
I really like this color.  It's a nice go-to pink and it makes me feel girly and fresh. :P  I'm getting the normal sized bottle as soon as I can find one.  This really seems to be the perfect pink for me and my skin tone, which is nice to have.  I think there's a pink out there for everyone. :)

And in case you don't stalk Zoya's facebook page, there's a new promo.  Use the code ZOYASPARKLE and you will get a free bottle of Charla and a free bottle of Ivanka with any purchase, excluding spoons.  I obviously already placed my order. :D


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  1. I love this pink, too!

    btw, your blog is very interesting! I'm following you now! ;D


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