Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silver Shatter over White + Strange Creature~

Hello, Everyone!  I thought I was over the whole "Shatter" business.  I liked the Black Shatter, but then I got over it.  But then I went to Trade Secret and there were so many bottles of Silver Shatter... how does one say no?  So I got a bottle.  And I'm in love~

I used one coat of OPI Silver Shatter on top of Zoya Snow White, which is a simple white creme.  But I looooooove the combination of white and silver!

I highly recommend you get the Silver Shatter.  Now.  

And also, Hello, strange creature, that was outside of my house this morning.

It was just chillin'.  



  1. haha love the picture of the lizard/creature at the end. also, love the silver shatter on you. I think I would put it over black, though. I don't think I could pull it off over white :) Love it on you, though!

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