Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Your 3 Free Zoyas!

Hello, Everyone! In case you haven't heard, which is doubtful but possible, the code for Zoya's 3 free nail polishes came out yesterday. So go to www.zoya.com and find the three colors you absolutely can not live without. Add them to your cart and use the code FB2011 in the little box for codes. All you have to pay is shipping, which is $6.95 for 5-9 days.

For some awesome swatches of Zoya nail polish check out these websites (these links will take you straight to their Zoya swatches):

Scrangie (scroll down to see the photos)
Scrangie (more from Scrangie)

I hope that helps everyone. :D I already ordered mine. I ordered Crystal, Harlow, and Savita! The last two are matte! I am super excited! As I type this, zoya.com is temporarily down but don't worry! You still have until January 7th to use the code. :)
I hope every has had a good 2011 so far! Mine has been pretty great!~


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