Saturday, January 8, 2011

Orange with White Konad Flowers

Hello, Everyone!  This is a quick post!  But today I have a simple Konad design for you all!

Products used:
  • O.P.I: Rising Star
  • Konad Special Nail Polish: White
  • Konad Plate: m65

To do this design, I first painted my nails with 2 coats of "Rising Star" and put a top coat on.  After it was completely dry, I used the flower design on Konad plate m64 using Konad's special white nail polish.  And then I waited several hours before putting on Seche Vite top coat because that top coat smears Konad designs.  It's very frustrating.  So if you have another top coat, use that one, not Seche Vite.

ANYWAY!  I want to thank all of you because a day or two ago I hit 30 followers!  I was so excited. :D  I love you all!  I hope everyone has had a nice first week of the new year.  Mine has been pretty good!  And today I am off to ULTA for the first time.  I am excited. And hopefully I'll get some new things to review!

☮  ♥ ☀



  1. This came out awesome! I never had a problem with my seche smearing though. Most of the time I do use regular nail polish to stamp also, so that could be why.

  2. It was DEFINITELY because I used Konad's special nail polish. The design be dry, but when I add Seche Vite, it smears. So if I used regular polish to stamp, it would totally be fine! I should start doing that! Thank you!~



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