Thursday, January 13, 2011

O.P.I: Big Apple Red

Hello, Everyone!  Today I have the first color I wore from my ULTA haul!  Today is O.P.I's "Big Apple Red".

All the pictures were taken in direct sunlight and are color accurate.  All pictures have two coats.

"Big Apple Red" is, in my unprofessional opinion, the perfect red.  It's just...perfect!  "BAR" is a red jelly (and I say jelly because it doesn't have that opaque creme-iness to it).  Even though I call it a jelly, the color is opaque enough in two coats.  "BAR" is like a candy apple color.  It's so bright and so shiny on it's own!

I HIGHLY recommend this color!  Application is great, drying time is normal, and the look is fabulous.  It REALLY stands out.  When I was in dance class and I wore this color, I saw my nails in the mirror against my black leotard and the red just POPS.  If you don't want a lot of reds in your collection, just get this one, and I think you'll be more than pleased.

The only thing I need to say about this color is that it slightly stained my cuticles, but it didn't stain my nails because I wore a base coat.  So just be careful with application and try not to get it on your cuticles. 
Some of you MIGHT recognize this color from somewhere. It's the color worn on the logo for O.P.I's Facebook fanpage!  Here's the logo:

Well, I have a 4 day weekend ahead.  Not sure what I'll be doing with my spare time.  Perhaps some swatches? Who knows.

☮  ♥ ☀



  1. I'm not a fan of reds but this red is puuuuuuurrrfect.

  2. It really is! It's beautiful! I only have 4 reds, including this one, and this one far exceeds the rest!

  3. wow... that is a true red... LOVE IT!

  4. Just bought this shade. I wasn't too sure if I would like it, but it looks absolutely fantastic on you. Can't wait to try it out!


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