Monday, January 17, 2011

Revlon: Ruby Ribbon

Hello, Everyone!  Today I have my second matte polish from Revlon, "Ruby Ribbon".  I first saw this polish on Polish Obsessed and I thought, "I have to find this color."  And that one day at ULTA, I found it when I wasn't even looking for it.  ULTA is just awesome.

All the pictures were taken next to the dim light coming out of my window.  It's been awfully cloudy today.  There is two coats of color. :)  The photos are pretty much color accurate.  The best representation of the color is the photo with just the thumb nail.


"Ruby Ribbon" is a dark red matte polish.  I did not use a base coat or a top coat with this polish. "Ruby Ribbon" is the sister of "Emerald City", which comes from the same collection.  I like to think of them as siblings. :P

Now. The first coat is a bit uneven, but the color is perfect in two coats.  I have worn "Ruby Ribbon" for two days and no chips!  And it doesn't look like it will be chipping anytime soon.  And no tip wear yet.  :D

When applying "Ruby Ribbon", you don't have to work as fast as normal mattes because it dries slower than normal matte polishes.  So that gives you time to cover the whole nail without dragging the color.  Even thought it dries SLOWER than normal mattes, it still dries FAST. :)

I honestly think the color looks like red leather. :D  It doesn't have this TOTAL matte feel to it because it doesn't dry chalky like a lot of mattes.

And as you can see on my ring finger, I did some nail art.  I saw the design on Chloe's Nails and I couldn't wait to use "Crystal" by Zoya, so there you go. Lol.  A sneak peek to "Crystal".

That is it for today. :)  I'm thinking that tomorrow's post will be "Jade is the New Black" by O.P.I.

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