Wednesday, January 5, 2011

O.P.I: Rising Star

Hello, Everyone! Today I have a review from O.P.I's Burlesque Collection. The color is called "Rising Star".

All photos were taken by a window with direct sunlight, and the photos are pretty much color accurate. I used two coats in all the pictures. :)
"Rising Star" is a copper/orange/almost gold shimmer/micro-glitter polish. It's not glittery in the sense that it's bumpy, it's just that the removal is hard and you have to use the foil technique to get it off, and when it comes off there's little silver glitter everywhere. But the color also has a foil finish so it looks metallic. Two coats is perfect for this polish.
I personally really like the color and I'm glad I got it, but I just don't think it works best with my skin tone. I saw another blogger wearing it and she had a darker skin tone, and it looked a lot better on her than me. But regardless, I'll still wear the color. :)
I believe that is all for today! Have a wonderful day! An don't forget to get your 3 free Zoya nail polishes! Just go to and use the code FB2011 for 3 free colors! You just have to pay for shipping, which is $6.95.
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