Monday, November 8, 2010

L.A. Colors: Nuclear Energy

Here's a review for you all! It's a purple! I've been in a purple mood, so hey, why not? Here are the usual pictures of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

The photos below used both natural and artificial light, but they are both the same color, and pretty color-accurate.

"Nuclear Energy" is a purple, jelly polish. I am seriously starting to love jelly polishes. The photos are color accurate. And the more coats you use, the darker the polish gets. I used 3 coats and there was a little bit of a visible nail line, but that's only if you're looking up-close. I was perfectly content with just 3 coats. Use 4 coats if it really bothers you. :) Application was fine, drying time was normal. :D

I really love this polish! I don't know if I love it because it's a jelly or because of the color or a combination of the two. But I am running out so I need to get some more soon!

I have quite a few purple polishes. So I was thinking about doing a purple color comparison soon. I've never done one before, so it's kind of exciting. :D


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