Sunday, November 7, 2010

Light Pink with White Dots

Hello, everyone! I am back! What I have today is a nail design I did several weeks ago, but I just never got to post it up. So here it is!
Colors Used:
  • O.P.I: Heart Throb
  • Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen: White
So after applying my base coat, I used 3 coats of "Heart Throb" and then put on a top coat. When that was completely dry, I used the white nail art pen and drew a large dot on all of my nails except the 4th finger. Then I added a small dot above and below each large dot. On my 4th fingernail I drew a large heart, colored it in, and made small dots around the heart. Then I applied a pink heart-shaped rhinestone, waited for the nail art pen to dry, added on a top coat again, and voila~ You have the design!
A quote I came across. " Nail polish may just be the Twinkie of the beauty world: It won't go bad from bacteria."


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