Sunday, November 14, 2010

Purple with White Treble Clefs

Hello, Everyone! Today's nail design I did 2 weeks ago. I just never made a post for it. So my nails are long. I cut my nails a few days ago. Anyway! On with the photos!

Colors Used:

  • China Glaze: Spontaneous
  • Konad Special Nail Polish: White

For this design, I first painted three coats of "Spontaneous". Then I used the Konad Special Nail Polish in white for the treble clef. And lastly, of course, I added the small yellow rhinestone, because I have a special love of complementary colors (purple and yellow). And lastly I put on a top coat. But ALWAYS wait a while before adding a top coat after making a Konad stamp, because you don't want your design to smear!

I like the design a lot! Lately I've just been doing simple designs like this. A base color with a single Konad design on each nail. :)


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