Sunday, February 27, 2011

Red and Yellow Tribal Nails (Konad)

Hello, Everyone!  Long time no post.  Today's post is the result of my annoyance with the color "Sun Worshipper" by China Glaze.  I had originally planned on reviewing the color but the color refused to translate onto my camera.  And at that point I was already angry with "Sun Worshipper" because it took 4 coats of color to get it mostly even.  So I decided to cover up the color with Konad.  And here we are.

Products Used:
  • China Glaze: Sun Worshipper
  • Konad Special Nail Polish: Red
  • Konad Image Plate: m65

After my base coat and 4 coats of "Sun Worshipper", I used Konad's Special Nail Polish in Red with image plate m65 to make the awesome design seen above and below.  And then I waited awhile to apply a top coat because I didn't want to risk smearing the design.

What's funny is that after I put the red Konad design, I fell in LOVE,  I love this design and the combination of colors.  It's a lot more impressive in real life.  "Sun Worshipper" is SO flipping bright.  My nails glowed.  It was interesting, but awesome.  The design reminded me of some kind of tribal design, therefore the name of the post.

I got several compliments in one day.  I only wore this for about 2 days because my pointer finger was already chipping.  I am willing to give "Sun Worshipper" another chance.  It's definitely a summer color.    Maybe I'll try it in the spring.  Is it spring yet?  Well, it's always hot where I am, so it doesn't matter.

Oh!  And when I went to Walgreens yesterday, I saw Essie and Sally Hansen Complete Salon bottles.  The entire nail polish section was VERY impressive.  I got Sally Hansen Complete Salon "Gray by Gray" and there will be a review soon because it is a beautiful gray/blue.



  1. I love this look. It's very intense!

  2. @Lauren: Thanks! ;D

    @Rachel Marie: It really is! It's super bright in person.


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