Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short Nails

Well, I felt daring.  Sort of.  I decided to cut my nails because I wanted my nails to feel refreshed.  Plus, my right pointer finger was already a lot shorter than the other nails due to constant abuse.  So I made them all the same short length.  Here are the pictures.

I have learned that my intense red nails looks better short.  I honestly feel like certain colors look better with short square nails, red being one of them.  Black being another.  I feel like really intense colors are better on short nails to look clean cut and chic.

It's funny how they look shorter in person.  If you feel like comparing these nails to yesterday's nails length-wise, here's the link to yesterday's post.

I had an amazing day, especially the morning.  Not that you guys especially care. LOL.  And I'm eating Godiva chocolate as I type this.  Today is a good day indeed.


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