Monday, December 13, 2010

Black/White Nails with Silver Stripe

Hello! Exams start tomorrow so I don't know if I can post something tomorrow or the day after, but we'll see. Anyway! Here is today's post!

Colors used:
  • China Glaze: White on White
  • Sally Hansen X-treme Wear: Black Out
  • Stripe Rite: Silver Glitter
To make the design, first I used 2 coats of "White on White" and then applied Seche Vite dry fast top coat. After it is totally dry, I used the tape technique to make a nice crisp line for the black using "Black Out". Once that was mostly dry, I used the silver glitter that has a thin brush to make a nice thin line. And voila! Done! People really liked this design. :) I got several compliments.
All in all, I really like this design because it was easy to do and it looked great! The holidays are coming up and I have all sorts of nail polish related things on my list. Lol. :) I was wondering if you guys had anything on YOUR list? :D
☮ ♥ ☀


  1. very pretty :) black and whiles nail designs always look so polished and clean :)

  2. Very nice! The silver adds a great accent.

  3. Love this one, it's like a "tuxedo" look.


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