Friday, December 24, 2010

China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

Hello, Everyone! I just HAD to do a review on this polish. "Ruby Pumps" by China Glaze seems to be THE color for the holidays. EVERYONE is using it. Which is totally understandable, because it's an awesome color. And I've worn it for 4 days already and I still haven't changed it. On to the review!
These pictures were taken in direct sunlight using two thin coats of color.
"Ruby Pumps" is a bright red glitter polish. The polish goes on super smooth even though it's a glitter polish (the glitter is micro-sized so it's not bumpy when it dries). And it dries relatively fast. The color is opaque in two coats and the wear is awesome because like I said, I've worn it for 4 days, and today is my fifth day wearing it, and no chips!
Removing "Ruby Pumps" isn't as east as normal polishes because it IS a glitter polish, but it's not incredibly bad. It could be far, far, FAR worse *cough* ShowItAndGlowIt *cough*. The color really shines in the sun, where you can see how it really sparkles.
I took so many pictures of it that I couldn't narrow them down for the post. So I just posted a bunch of them I mean, it's always more fun to look at the pictures than read the actually post, right? Lol.
I hope everyone has a great Christmas tomorrow. I hope you are all with your family and enjoying the holiday!

Merry Christmas!

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