Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gold Glitter Gradient

Try saying that five times fast. "Gold glitter gradient, gold glitter gradient, gold glitter gradient..." You get the point.
Hello, Everyone! This is a continuation from yesterday's nails. And this is the first time that I've tried doing a gradient (fading) look. So here are the pictures!
Colors used:
  • Sinful Colors: Paris
After applying my base coat and painting my tips gold with 2-3 coats, I painted one coat a little above the tip, and then lightly dabbed the brush on the nail to apply very small amounts of glitter to make a fading (gradient) effect. It was easy to do because Sinful Colors' nail polish brush is small (thin).
I love December. I can't say it enough. I have to start thinking of some more winter/Holiday designs. Suggestions are always welcome. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!
☮ ♥ ☀


  1. This is lovely! Definitely perfect for the holidays !

  2. Stumbled across the image today...I love this! Great execution of an intriguing concept.

  3. So cool nail design art that I never came across... This are looking very soft and sensible.. All designs are also nice and special.i must try these lovely nail paints tonight


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