Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spider Web Nails!

Halloween is tomorrow! I didn't exactly have time to do a Halloween-themed nail design, but LUCKILY I had already done a design a year and a half ago that goes with Halloween! I'm bringing back my Spider Web Nails! :D Here they are! (Take note that the photo quality is horrible and the photo was taken with my web camera becuase I didn't know how to use a macro setting on my nice camera)

I think this was my very first nail art design EVER. :) Brings back fond memories. Lol. The colors are just any old plain white and black. :) Nothing special.

You'll need a thin paintbrush to make the thin lines of the spider webs. As for the spider, using the same thin brush, I painted a long oval for the body, then a triangle on the bottom (to give the pointed shape of the body). Then I made to very small lines on the top and then I added the legs. I can keep being confusing and try to explain this better in words, but instead I made little diagrams showing how I did the spider and the webs. :)
Here's the spider:
Here's the spider web:
I hope those helped! Excuse the sloppiness of them. I drew them quickly. And you don't have to do exactly what I did. You can totally do all webs or all spiders on your nails. :)
If you want, you can all check out my nail art designs and maybe you'll find something that goes with your costume! I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween. :)



  1. I will try this soon....I have to have that instrument first for drawing.....thank you for the tip....

  2. Love this! I'm gonna do it on hallowen! (wich is in four days...)


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